Did You Stay Tuned?

This is the continuation of My Favorite Things to see and do in lovely Walker, Minnesota. And yes, I am stealing the name from Oprah. Well actually, the Sound of Music…but I digress. Also in my Favorite Things, I will not be handing out thousands of glorious gifts to my adoring fans. The gifts come by way of suggestions and my adoring fans come by way of you…? Time will tell! Onward we go!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a recommendation for those who prefer wine over beer, of which I often fall into this category. There is a winery! It’s not exactly in the town of Walker, but it is very close. It is about a 20 minute drive, and the scenery on your drive could not be more lovely. The Forest Edge Winery is set in the country and is quite charming! My husband and I also decided to visit this location on our 5th Year Anniversary, we accomplished a lot on this day. Anyway, our anniversary is unfortunately in November which means most places outdoors are now indoors or closed. It wasn’t closed yet for the season so we did get to hop inside and sample some wines! To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations but only out of sure ignorance. The gentleman who hosted us was very pleasant and accommodating and made us feel at home. A home with a lot of wine, which was great! We sampled many varieties of the fruit wines they produce, my favorites being the White Cranberry, the Raspberry Cranberry, and the Black Current. I honestly have never tasted a fruit wine that was so delicious and crisp you could tell exactly what you were drinking. We both really loved their wine and ended up with 3 bottles of our own.

I was a little disappointed that we could not tour the winery, but I know how it goes with an anniversary in November. So we will go again next summer and bring our out of town friends with, too! In the meantime, we can buy their wines at local liquor stores (you can too, check it out!) and order a glass at our favorite restaurant, The Village Square. I will talk about them later…..

Check out their website: www.forestedgewinery.com