The Village Square Cafe – My Favorite Things! Part III

Feb 19
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In my last post, I mentioned a favorite restaurant of mine named The Village Square. I would like to continue this discussion and tell you why it merits this title. First off, if you are wondering why I am only writing of my favorite things (Oprah, I love you) its because it would be insane for me to write of things I do not like and therefore would deem a waste of time. So to show myself sane, I write of things I know and love. Which is food.

And that brings us back to The Village Square. If I were younger and maybe single, I would spend way more of my time there due to it’s inviting couches and probably the best coffee on the planet. It feels much like the setting of “Friends”, without the desperation. Either way, we do frequent there a lot. They have free wifi in the entire place, making it very handy to spend way too much time sipping coffee. On one side of the place is the coffee and ice cream shop with the couches mentioned before. They have a rewards program for your coffee buying habits and the ice cream makes me fat just thinking about it. Bring it on!

Now, there is seating between the coffee shop and the restaurant area perfect for you and your laptop. Or if you prefer, you and your friends. On threw the hallway, past the seating area, is the restaurant area with more seating upstairs in a somewhat loft like space, or downstairs in a cozy booth or table. The whole place just screams “COZY”, which I love. “But how is their FOOD?? Get to the FOOD!”

I love their food. I have of course, my favorites that I always order. Once in awhile I will stray and try something new, and I am always delighted. Now, my favorites are the breadsticks and the Tomato Basil Soup. Which deserves the all capitals I just used as though it were a person and place and not just a thing. That soup captivated my taste-buds the first time we met, which was some years ago now. And nothing has changed. Honestly though, their entire menu is fantastic. It’s all home made, people! Do you even remember what it’s like to have a home made meal?? Go here, it will all come back in a flash. They don’t have a large “dinner” menu per-say, but what they do have they put their own spin on and make it more wonderful than you would have thought. When we go to The Village Square, it’s like a treat. A family owned business serving up sweet sweetness, it will always be at the top of my Favorite Things. Plus you can get a glass of the aforementioned Forestedge Wine, bonus!

“Well, OK, we get it. But we really want to go somewhere fancy and not as casual because it’s our 5th Year Anniversary. Now where are we supposed to go??” Let me tell you….

Check them out online!

Where to Catch Walleye on Leech Lake – Shore fishing

Jul 11
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You do not necessarily need a boat to catch Walleye or Panfish on Leech Lake. There are several places near Walker that shore fishing can yield some great fish. These shore fishing spots are productive, almost all year. In and near Walker, any of the bridges over the channels of Leech Lake are great spots for Walleye fishing. Another great spot for Panfish and Walleye are the public docks, right in town, on Walker Bay. A local Musky fisherman caught one of his biggest Muskies at the public docks. When you get to town, ask a local for directions to one of these shore fishing spot.

When to Fish
In the spring and fall you can fish almost any time of day. When the sun is out the shallow water warms up and the fish love it there. A cloudy day is great for fishing and if it is raining there is no better time to be fishing. You will catch more fish in the spring then any other time of the year.

In the summer the morning or evening are the best time to fish. If it is a clear, hot, sunny day you are better off doing something else but you can still catch fish. But just like in the fall or spring if it is cloudy you will do well. If it is raining, that is even better!

Assorted Tackle
You don’t need to bring a huge tackle box just bring along some 1/4 oz jigs and a few spinners. Leech Lake is notorious for great activity on chartreuse colored lures, which is a green color that borders yellow. This is the color I always start out with. If they don’t seem to be going for it, try another color or different type of lure. If you are fishing at night or early morning try using a glow jig. They can work wonders at times.

Cast out as far as I can and troll in whatever type of lure you have. Walleye are predatory fish and if they feel or see something moving quickly they are likely to go after it.

The Right Line
Choosing the right type of fishing line is essential. If you are using light line, like Trilene Sensation, for shore fishing, you are likely going to loose many lures on the rocks or weeds. If you are going to get monofilament (mono) fishing line, which is most commonly used, you should get something like Trilene XT (Extra Tough) line which is great for most shore fishing situations. A 6 or 8 pound test line is best.

If you really want the best, you should pay the extra cash and get some braided line. When you compare mono and braided line of the same pound test, the braided line is always going to be thinner, harder to cut and harder to snap. It also has less memory. Mono is high memory, which causes fishing line to twist up and tangle. Some people use a florocarbon or mono leader when they use braided line since it is harder to see.

Fishing Rod / Reel Combos
It is always best to bring at least two combos (a rod and reel) with so if you end up loosing a lure you can still have a line in the water while you tie on another lure on. It’s a good idea to have two different types of lures set up in case the fish aren’t too keen on that color that day. A spinning combo works best in most shore fishing situations.

Essential Equipment
Besides the obvious there are a few essential tools you will need, which will make the experience go smoothly and enjoyably.

  • 5 Gallon Bucket – Bring one or two to throw your fish in. If you want you can buy these at sporting good stores but you can always stop in a fast food restaurant and ask if they have any that they are throwing away.
  • Pliers – You do not want to reach into the mouth of a Walleye to get a hook out or you’ll get bit! They make pliers and other contraptions just for this.
  • Line Clippers – You will need to cut that line some time.
  • Food – Bring a backpack with food so you don’t have to leave if the fish are biting.

What to Wear
It is in your best interest to wear some boots in case you need to walk on shore rocks, covered in moss and algae. Water-proof boots are best if you have some that you won’t get too hot in. A good rain suit is a great idea too since the fish bite most when it rains. This is when fishing under a bridge is quite nice.