The Walker Country Inn by beautiful Leech Lake!

Jun 28
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I love making up anonymous, invisible people who are dying to ask me questions at the end of each post, it feels rather satisfying. Maybe someday, I will not need to invent such people and they will be less rude to me, too. Until then, I am held captive. “Alright, I’m dying here. My anniversary is less than two weeks away and I haven’t made reservations anywhere! Shut up and tell me what to do!” Fine, I will. (I like to refer to celebrating an anniversary because I feel it is an honorable and worthwhile thing to celebrate and should be taken seriously by all who commit, so there.)

Now, you must make some reservations and quick because a town like Walker is ALWAYS busy, especially on weekends and you better be prepared well in advance. Winter, granted, slows down a bit. But not too much, so stay on your game! There are four larger hotels in the area and one smaller motel. During the summer months there are also a TON of resort cabins and things of the like if you so prefer. But I will focus on one of these locations, the Country Inn of Walker, one of the “larger” hotels.

I happen to know that The Country Inn is by far the best and most wonderful place to stay in Walker. (Check out tripadvisor where they have been ranked #1 for years! ) The staff is amazing, led by an amazing manager, they will go above and beyond to make their guests feel happy and comfortable. They have been completely renovated in the past few years and the changes were fantastic! The rooms have new paint, new furniture, new drapes, new bedding, new amenities, new carpet, new flat screen TV’s and new LOVE (from you!). They are KNOWN for their cleanliness, friendliness, their amazing deluxe continental breakfast, their 24 hour cookies that they bake themselves, their comfortable new beds and their 100% devotion they give to their guests. I love this hotel! And you will, too!

It is set right off of Leech Lake, one lonely block is between the two. The pool and the hot tub are set on one side of the hotel and the rooms to the other, so the noise level is kept to a minimum. Second floor rooms offer a lakeside view. They have beautiful suites, including first floor Jacuzzi suites and let me tell you those Jacuzzi’s are BIG! There is also a large family suite called the L-shaped Suite and it offers two queen size beds and a queen size sofa sleeper. The room is very large and great for accomodating larger groups or families. There is also a large meeting room that is adjoined to the breakfast room that you can rent to host a party if you would like. Let’s say…an Anniversary party…!

All in all, its just a wonderful place to stay that will welcome you back for years to come! Their guest return rate is outstanding and you can find some of their reviews on the link above. Once you stay here, you will see why and you will want to come back too.

The Village Square Cafe – My Favorite Things! Part III

Feb 19
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In my last post, I mentioned a favorite restaurant of mine named The Village Square. I would like to continue this discussion and tell you why it merits this title. First off, if you are wondering why I am only writing of my favorite things (Oprah, I love you) its because it would be insane for me to write of things I do not like and therefore would deem a waste of time. So to show myself sane, I write of things I know and love. Which is food.

And that brings us back to The Village Square. If I were younger and maybe single, I would spend way more of my time there due to it’s inviting couches and probably the best coffee on the planet. It feels much like the setting of “Friends”, without the desperation. Either way, we do frequent there a lot. They have free wifi in the entire place, making it very handy to spend way too much time sipping coffee. On one side of the place is the coffee and ice cream shop with the couches mentioned before. They have a rewards program for your coffee buying habits and the ice cream makes me fat just thinking about it. Bring it on!

Now, there is seating between the coffee shop and the restaurant area perfect for you and your laptop. Or if you prefer, you and your friends. On threw the hallway, past the seating area, is the restaurant area with more seating upstairs in a somewhat loft like space, or downstairs in a cozy booth or table. The whole place just screams “COZY”, which I love. “But how is their FOOD?? Get to the FOOD!”

I love their food. I have of course, my favorites that I always order. Once in awhile I will stray and try something new, and I am always delighted. Now, my favorites are the breadsticks and the Tomato Basil Soup. Which deserves the all capitals I just used as though it were a person and place and not just a thing. That soup captivated my taste-buds the first time we met, which was some years ago now. And nothing has changed. Honestly though, their entire menu is fantastic. It’s all home made, people! Do you even remember what it’s like to have a home made meal?? Go here, it will all come back in a flash. They don’t have a large “dinner” menu per-say, but what they do have they put their own spin on and make it more wonderful than you would have thought. When we go to The Village Square, it’s like a treat. A family owned business serving up sweet sweetness, it will always be at the top of my Favorite Things. Plus you can get a glass of the aforementioned Forestedge Wine, bonus!

“Well, OK, we get it. But we really want to go somewhere fancy and not as casual because it’s our 5th Year Anniversary. Now where are we supposed to go??” Let me tell you….

Check them out online!