Fun and Relaxation at the Leech Lake B&B

May 9
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bed and breakfastYou say, “I understand that the Country Inn of Walker is the #1 Hotel in the area..but my wife is crazy for a B&B…what am I supposed to do now??” No fear, just relax and let me tell you about a quaint B&B right on Leech Lake that your wifey will LOVE. How do I know? Because I am a wifey who would love to stay there, so listen up!

This B&B has it all! The view, the suites, the boats, the trails, amazing gourmet breakfasts and golf packages- I mean come on, who would not love to stay here?! The thing about a B&B that makes it so special and so fun is the personal touch and the homey feel you just can’t get anywhere else. My husband has taken me to two B&B’s for romantic getaway’s and they have been some of the best memories we’ve had together. I can’t get enough of a good B&B and this B&B is ranked #1 on tripadvisor in Walker, check it out!

If you have never tried out a B&B, I highly encourage you to give it a shot! I was a little skeptical at first, thinking it would be uncomfortable or awkward to be with the other guests at breakfast or just lounging around the home. Guess what? It’s not! It’s like being with an extended family you haven’t met yet, which I suppose could be bad for some of you..haha! Seriously, though, it’s not as weird as you have it pictured in your head. It’s relaxing and cozy and peaceful and the activities you have at your disposal are the funnest you can find in our neck of the woods. It doesn’t get much better! So here’s the link to their website to book your reservation, just hurry and call, the summer books up fast! Have a wonderful time!

Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters – For the Whole Family!

Jan 2
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People who are familiar with Leech Lake know that Reeds Sporting Goods, is synonymous with fishing on Leech Lake and hunting, whatever your needs may be! At Reeds, they have a huge selection of everything related to outdoor sports that take place in the woods or on the water. The best part is that if you are visiting with the family, there is something for the kids, the wife and of course, the husband. When people visit the store for their first time, you can tell they are completely awe-struck by the abundance of items and the selection. During my visits to Reeds Sporting Goods, I have seen many well seasoned sportsmen with a childish look of wonderment on their face state “This is my first time here. This place is amazing!” The contents and staff in this store really do put the big guys to shame. You’ll never find the type of customer service or expertise from Cabela’s or Gander that you find in Reeds Sporting Goods.

When you first walk in the store you are in the clothing/apparel section which contains probably the largest selection of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing in Walker, Minnesota. As you step deeper into the store, you start to find all sorts of fishing equipment, ranging from above average items at a great price to professional grade fishing rods, reels, lures and the funnest fishing equipment: electronics. If you fish deep sea or freshwater from a canoe, Reeds has a selection of electronics for you whether you are in search of a navigation system or a simple fish finder. During the winter, they have pretty much any type of ice flasher, depth finder or underwater camera you could ever imagine. They carry products from all of the top companies: Vexilar, Lowrance, Marcum, Showdown, Aqua-Vu and more. If you want to know about one of the items in the fishing department, you can just ask one of the staff. Although, he will have already greeted you before you need to go in search of him. If you aren’t interested in electronics and stick to the old way of fishing, you will be interested in their massive selection of Jigs, Spoons, Spinners, Flyers, Whistlers and whatever type of lure you are in search of.

If you actually make it past the fishing section before the store closes, you will find the gun/hunting department that has the largest selection of firearms you will ever see in your life! From the selection, you’ll find antique handguns, the greatest and newest handguns, rifles and shotguns. Reeds works directly with manufacturers, so they are able to be the first to get some of the newest firearms before anyone else. The employees in the gun department have an abundance of knowledge that would overwhelm the most knowledgeable firearm enthusiasts but they are able to assist those who have no knowledge of guns by informing them, not belittling them. They also have many accessories such as ground blinds, decoys, ladder stands, trap throwers, clay pigeons and other accessories for all types of hunting and an array of ammunition. They even carry odd ammunition such as .280 British!

Reeds has an always changing selection of items, while keeping staple items in stock. My favorite part of Reeds is that they price match! If you find that another store has a lower price, Reeds will match it! Most times, I find they are already the lowest. So next time you’re in Reeds tell them you heard good things about them on and that’s why you came. They’ll be glad to hear! They also have a website. Check it out: