AJAX Guide Service – your fishing adventure awaits!

May 6
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ajax guide serviceThere’s nothing better than coming up north to Leech Lake on a fishing trip and landing that big ol’ fish you’ve been dying to catch! But where do you go to catch that fish? How can you optimize your chances at landing the “big one” to take your glory pictures with and post online to make all your friends wish they were there? It’s a big lake out there and knowing the right spots is crucial. Do you need some help? Do you need the equipment and a boat and maybe someone to show you the ropes? Most of us do! The best way to get the much needed help is to hire a Guide. But what can they offer you? There are at least 5 reasons why hiring a Guide is the best way to go: and here they are.

1- You will catch more fish.  They know the water, they are out there everyday, learning where to put you at the right place and the right time.

2- You can try new stuff!  They usually have new and fun things to try out, reels-rods-lures and electronics, so you can try before you buy.

3- They can teach you about the lake and about how to catch fish. They can show you where to go that is safe and new ways to fish on new waters.

4- Going with a Guide is cheaper than getting your own stuff! Enough said, right?  All of the expenses and the insurance and the equipment upkeep is off your shoulders.

5-  It’s FUN and EASY! That can only be a good thing.  Guides will help you with anything you don’t want to do, tie your lines, set your lures, running the boat, taking the fish off and cleaning them.  Those are all things I do not like to do, so a Guide sounds like a great plan to me.

But who?  Problem solved: Ajax Guide Service to the rescue!! Who is this Ajax Guide Service you may ask? Why Ajax? The owner is Adam Jackson- therefore: AJAX.  Clever! Is he any good?  Oh my, yes. Adam has been in the business since the young year of 1996 and has loved every minute of it.  He spent the last 8 years in the beautiful state of Alaska as a professional Fly Fisherman.  He is a USCG licensed Captain and is fully insured along with his Lund 2011 ProGuide beauty.  He has credentials, baby.  This guy knows what he’s doing and besides all of that, he’s easy to hang with and loves being out there!

Check out his website and see some pics of him and his lovely family who are avid fisher’s as well! So head on over to Leech Lake and book a trip with Ajax Guide Service– let them guide you to the fish.  Let your Leech Lake adventure BEGIN!  www.ajaxguideservice.com

Bayside Bar and Grill – best burger in town!

May 5
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BaysideWould you like a good burger? I mean….a really good burger?! Look no further! Really….stop looking and start heading to Bayside Bar and Grill. You can’t miss it downtown, there is a large pelican ready to scoop you up and bring you in right above the door! Bayside used to be a few different establishments — and personally I never cared for the predecessors. I didn’t know how Bayside would be, but the first time we tried it out after they opened I was happily surprised! I ordered the fish tacos the first time I went there, and they were very tasty  They were very light and fresh tasting and have become one of their most popular dishes. The second time I went I tried the BLT. Again, so good! Just what you want from a BLT.

Third time I went…I tried the classic burger. Since then, I am hooked on the burgers! It’s a half pound of pure delight. The burger comes with lettuce and tomato and you can add other toppings like cheese/bacon/onion. I like a good burger and I look around for one that will make me crave it — Bayside Burger tops the bill. In fact, just writing this makes me want to run into town and grab one to go! So you’re in Walker for the weekend and you see the obvious burger stop..Hardees..but think past that and hop into Bayside Bar and Grill instead, you won’t be disappointed. Check out their website in advance: www.baysidebarandgrill.com