woodtick theaterAfter 22 successful seasons, The Woodtick Band will be celebrating it’s 23rd season this summer! They play in the quaint Woodtick Musical Theater, located in the heart of Akeley, Minnesota. About a ten to fifteen minute drive, south of Walker, Minnesota.

Their show has a well balanced mix of country, bluegrass, folk, gospel and comedy throughout. Sometimes, all at the same moment! They add their own style to songs from as far back as you can remember as well as songs that the young ones listen to on the radio. By adding their own style, they convert these songs into something everyone can enjoy while still maintaining the original song. One of the most satisfying parts of the show is that you do not have to worry about your children hearing profanity or any sort of unsavory humor.

The Woodtick Musical Theater is one of the venues I hear the most recommendations for. So, after putting it off for too long, my family and I decided to go. (This is now updated and we go every single season for the past 4 years! We bring all of our out of town visitors and they love it, too.) Before the show, the host asked everyone in the audience to show their hands if it was their first time visiting the theater. About half the audience raised their hands. Next, he asked those who had been to the theater before to raise their hands. The other half of the audience then raised their hands! At first, it was surprising but after seeing the show it was easy to see why the theater and band have such a large fan base.

The show is reminiscent of Prairie Home Companion, minus the pretentiousness. The members of the band are all local artists who each bring their own musical and comical styles to the table, creating a premium blend of that old fashioned, Northern Minnesota charm we all love. The size of the theater is small enough to make it personal, yet it fits enough people to hear roaring laughter. woodtick theater

If you want to find out more about the theater and show times, the Woodtick Musical Theater has their own website. Be sure you call ahead to reserve tickets. Often times, the shows are sold out!

Woodtick Musical Theater’s official website: www.woodtick-theater.com