jimmysI cannot believe I almost left off reviewing one of my favorite breakfast joints of all time- Jimmy’s here in Walker! What makes it so good? Let me tell you!

1: the atmosphere. They usually have playing coffeehouse cafe on their Sirius music which is right up my alley. Good tunes at a restaurant is well-played in my book. The lighting is dim but nice, you don’t need to look fancy to go here. The booths are roomy and comfy and inviting! We stay way too long when we go, but they don’t mind. There are also tables with swirly chairs to move around in which are also comfy.

2: the food. The food is good and the service is fast! Lightning fast! The servers know what they are doing and they do it well. Their food is delicious as well, which is top priority. I usually order breakfast when I go, the pancakes are killer and they hash browns are perfect. I have ordered dinner there as well. I usually order off the seniors dinner menu because I don’t like large portions and they don’t mind younger people ordering off that menu which is nice. You can also order a glass of wine or a beer with dinner if you’d like to! Prices are fair as well, not outrageous by any means.

So there you have it! We always bring our company here when they come to town and we end up staying and chatting and drinking coffee and sometimes they’ve even closed and we didn’t know it. The staff rocks! Jimmy’s has never done me wrong and I hope they continue with how they’re going for years to come.

Just be sure to call for their hours they are a little different up north! They don’t have a website yet- but check online for reviews on tripadvisor and urbanspoon. I will post a link to their google reviews! Stellar.