The Boulders – My Favorite Things – Part IV

Mar 3
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That’s right, people, The Boulders. Someone in my last post asked me a question, “Where can we go for a nice, fancier, anniversary dinner?” Granted, it was myself who asked that question however I would tell myself the same thing I would tell you. Go to The Boulders.

When we moved here over two years ago, we would drive by The Boulders every single day. For about three months I thought it was a landscaping company who sold large rocks. Their signage is unfortunate. Right next door to them is a company who makes Log Homes, and they have the exact same sign it seems. Big red letters in what seems to be the same font. So most out of towners that I have talked to, think The Boulders is a landscaping company, as I had previously thought as well. It’s not, it is a fantastic restaurant. When I found out that this location was indeed an upscale restaurant, I wanted to try it immediately. Then two years went by. I got fed-up. We made reservations, for November 5th. Our golden anniversary.

We got dressed up and were feeling pretty fantastic ourselves. We walked in, at last…I was seeing it from the inside! I was impressed! Low lights, fancy bar, tables set with beautiful linens and dishes. The staff was highly professional and exactly what I wanted to see. It was a Thursday night and I was surprised at how busy it was and also surprised to see that no one really dresses up anymore. But I didn’t care, we looked like we belonged there. The sweatshirts and jeans galore looked out of place for a restaurant with much class.

We started with a martini off of their extensive martini menu. I had NEVER ordered a martini before in my life, being sure that I would be disgusted by them. What do you know, I loved it. From what I could tell, it was made perfect. And they were not outrageous, only $8.00 each for a large cocktail! We ordered the crab and artichoke dip with pita chips. Ok, the name of this appetizer does NOT do it justice. It was a meal in itself. The pita chips are deep fried and hot and the dip is warm with cream cheese…sooooo….yeah! DELICIOUS! Let’s move on to the entree’s. I ordered the 3 Cheese Baked Macaroni (I am a sucker for this dish) and my husband being the quirky man he is, ordered the Penne Jambalaya. Yup, they have Jambalaya. And even though I didn’t try it, he gave it a 5 star rating. I had to take my entire entree home due to being full on the appetizer. But I ate it later on that night, and it was simply amazing.

We were surprised after our meals with two little cheesecakes, one vanilla one chocolate with raspberries, and candles on the top due to our anniversary! My best friend and her husband, who live in Georgia, called ahead and paid for our entire meal and had them present the desserts to us in such manner. It was awesome! And our waitress was perfect.

So for your special occasions, please keep The Boulders at the top of your list! If you are visiting our wonderful little town for a special occasion, give this place a try. Any woman would love to be taken here! And what’s that you say….you need somewhere to stay for your special occasion?? Why! I have the perfect place!

The Boulders is on the web! Check out their menu!

UPDATE:  We’ve now lived here for 7 years and The Boulders is still our favorite dining experience in Walker, MN! We have been here for dinner many times now and enjoy every minute of it, everything is still wonderful! Make your reservations today.

The Village Square Cafe – My Favorite Things! Part III

Feb 19
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In my last post, I mentioned a favorite restaurant of mine named The Village Square. I would like to continue this discussion and tell you why it merits this title. First off, if you are wondering why I am only writing of my favorite things (Oprah, I love you) its because it would be insane for me to write of things I do not like and therefore would deem a waste of time. So to show myself sane, I write of things I know and love. Which is food.

And that brings us back to The Village Square. If I were younger and maybe single, I would spend way more of my time there due to it’s inviting couches and probably the best coffee on the planet. It feels much like the setting of “Friends”, without the desperation. Either way, we do frequent there a lot. They have free wifi in the entire place, making it very handy to spend way too much time sipping coffee. On one side of the place is the coffee and ice cream shop with the couches mentioned before. They have a rewards program for your coffee buying habits and the ice cream makes me fat just thinking about it. Bring it on!

Now, there is seating between the coffee shop and the restaurant area perfect for you and your laptop. Or if you prefer, you and your friends. On threw the hallway, past the seating area, is the restaurant area with more seating upstairs in a somewhat loft like space, or downstairs in a cozy booth or table. The whole place just screams “COZY”, which I love. “But how is their FOOD?? Get to the FOOD!”

I love their food. I have of course, my favorites that I always order. Once in awhile I will stray and try something new, and I am always delighted. Now, my favorites are the breadsticks and the Tomato Basil Soup. Which deserves the all capitals I just used as though it were a person and place and not just a thing. That soup captivated my taste-buds the first time we met, which was some years ago now. And nothing has changed. Honestly though, their entire menu is fantastic. It’s all home made, people! Do you even remember what it’s like to have a home made meal?? Go here, it will all come back in a flash. They don’t have a large “dinner” menu per-say, but what they do have they put their own spin on and make it more wonderful than you would have thought. When we go to The Village Square, it’s like a treat. A family owned business serving up sweet sweetness, it will always be at the top of my Favorite Things. Plus you can get a glass of the aforementioned Forestedge Wine, bonus!

“Well, OK, we get it. But we really want to go somewhere fancy and not as casual because it’s our 5th Year Anniversary. Now where are we supposed to go??” Let me tell you….

Check them out online!