Fun and Relaxation at the Leech Lake B&B

May 9
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bed and breakfastYou say, “I understand that the Country Inn of Walker is the #1 Hotel in the area..but my wife is crazy for a B&B…what am I supposed to do now??” No fear, just relax and let me tell you about a quaint B&B right on Leech Lake that your wifey will LOVE. How do I know? Because I am a wifey who would love to stay there, so listen up!

This B&B has it all! The view, the suites, the boats, the trails, amazing gourmet breakfasts and golf packages- I mean come on, who would not love to stay here?! The thing about a B&B that makes it so special and so fun is the personal touch and the homey feel you just can’t get anywhere else. My husband has taken me to two B&B’s for romantic getaway’s and they have been some of the best memories we’ve had together. I can’t get enough of a good B&B and this B&B is ranked #1 on tripadvisor in Walker, check it out!

If you have never tried out a B&B, I highly encourage you to give it a shot! I was a little skeptical at first, thinking it would be uncomfortable or awkward to be with the other guests at breakfast or just lounging around the home. Guess what? It’s not! It’s like being with an extended family you haven’t met yet, which I suppose could be bad for some of you..haha! Seriously, though, it’s not as weird as you have it pictured in your head. It’s relaxing and cozy and peaceful and the activities you have at your disposal are the funnest you can find in our neck of the woods. It doesn’t get much better! So here’s the link to their website to book your reservation, just hurry and call, the summer books up fast! Have a wonderful time!

Winter Hiking in Walker, Minnesota

Feb 16
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Chippewa National Forest

Chippewa National Forest

Winter hiking can be one of the most relaxing and quiet things to do. It can also be one of the most exciting things to do. You just have to find the right places to hike.

Even in the winter many of the parks in and near Walker, Minnesota are maintained well, even through the winter. Trails are well groomed for cross country skiers and wide enough for anyone up for a winter walk in the woods not to desturb the ski path. Surprisingly, there are very few people who take advantage of these trails and those who do rarely wander too far from their parking spots. This area is premium for hikers and cross country skiers of all sorts. In the Chippewa National Forest, almost all of the trails have difficulty markers and a map at each split in the trail.

This area is quiet enough for wildlife to feel unthreatened and provide visitors with an encounter with many animals. Through out the winter deer seek refuge here. This is evident by all the trails and beds in the snow you can find.

The Chippewa National forest spans a vast area. It has some of the best views and best hiking one can find in Minnesota. It is one open secret that people tend not to find when they visit. Many people decide to visit the nearby Itasca State Park and skip these hidden areas along the way.