How many cigarette butts actually get tossed out the window by one person?

Jun 5
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Pile of CigarettesRecently, I got curious about how many cigarette butts an individual smoker throws out the window. Like many things, we probably think just a few here and there doesn’t add up. The mentality of “I’m just one person and what I’m doing isn’t much” can easily take over with anything. I decided to look up some information on this to find out how many cigarette buts actually get tossed out the car window.

According to some statistics, the average smoker smokes about 20 cigarettes per day, which is one pack. That seems about right, from what I’ve seen. However, some statistics showed that it was less. So I decided to use 15 cigarettes per day as the average. So in a year that comes to 5,475 cigarette butts produced by one person. Obviously, those aren’t all smoked while driving a car. The average person spends around 101 minutes a day driving. So here is a break down of these numbers.


  • Cigarettes Smoked: 15 per day (5,478.75 per year)
  • Cigarettes Smoked While Driving: 2.1042 per day* (768.56 per year)
  • For visualization, here is a photo of 700 cigarette butts on a grocery bag.
  • Weight of Cigarette Butt: 0.12 oz
  • Total Weight of Cigarette Butts While Driving: 5.7642 lbs (92.2272 ounces)
  • This doesn’t even factor in the number of cigarettes tossed to the ground while walking, taking a smoke break or anything else. This is only from driving.

* Since we must sleep and there are not opportunities to smoke at every moment someone is awake, I factored in a 12 hour (720 minutes) period each day when a person would be able to smoke.

We all enjoy the beauty of this area, even you. This is why so many people visit here and move here. So next time you’re out driving, a passenger in a car, hiking, ice fishing, or whatever. Don’t throw your cigarette out the window. Dispose of it correctly. There are even FREE ash trays that you can keep in your car for this. You will be helping yourself and many others like you to be able to continue enjoying the area in good conditions.


Let’s hit the greens at Longbow Golf Club!

May 11
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Longbow Golf ClubDo you love to golf? Or maybe you just really like driving around a zippy cart all day? You can do both, you don’t need to choose. Have you played the course at Longbow Golf Club before? No? You are missing out my friends. Longbow is truly pristine. It’s an 18 hole course that is so well designed and challenging you will be very impressed. Now, I am not much of a golfer myself and neither is the Guide however, we have come to Longbow many times due to close friends and family being avid golfers. And we find the course to be breathtaking. The golfers among us love the course, it’s a fam favorite shall we say. (There are other courses in town and they are very nice as well.) Check out Longbow’s website for rates, tee times, specials, membership details and you will find a host of pictures on their photo gallery. It’s beautiful! So you’re in town for the weekend and looking for something to do between 8am-9am, why not hit the links! If you bring your wife, maybe she’ll be your driver. (That’s my job, along with putting because I’m the pro). Here’s their site: book your tee time today!